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Razor Orange-A-Peel Quarts (Redi-2-Uz) (12 quarts/1 case)

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Versatile:  Razor Orange-A-Peel can be used anywhere in a facility for cleaning the heaviest grease and grime.

Non-Corrosive:  Razor Orange-A-Peel is a heavy duty degreaser that is safe to use on all surfaces.  It can be used to clean grease, oil and dirt.  It also can clean many other substances, such as gum, stains, inks and adhesives without harming the surface to be cleaned.

Non-flammable:   Razor Orange-A-Peel can be used in any situation, including hazardous areas such as open flame, spark or extreme heat.  It requires no special ventilation, handling or storage.

Non-Abrasive:  Razor Orange-A-Peel will not scratch any surface.  It has no ammonia and is safe for Plexiglas, plastics, painted surfaces and all waxes.

Non-Toxic:  Razor Orange-A-Peel is safe for employees to use in every environment.  It will not burn the skin or attack the respiratory system.  No special protective clothing is required although it is always recommended to wear rubber gloves and safety glasses when handling any chemical.

Non-Polluting:  Razor Orange-A-Peel can be flushed with water.  It is instantly biodegradable and is safe for sewer systems.  It is particularly safe for systems that use microbes for cleansing of wastewater.

Environmentally Conscious Precision Maintenance Cleaning Solution!
Replaces Most Toxic Solvent Cleaners!
Concentrated for Heavy and Industrial and Commercial Cleaning!
100% Biodegradable – Non-Toxic
Flushes Directly to Sewer System!
Already diluted at a 1:1 ratio!

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